Ventilated HPLC Cabinet


Multi-usable mobile furniture unit with integrated local exhaust that can be tailored to customer specifications. ChromaLab's intelligent portal ensures the professional setup and handling of, e.g. gas and flash chromatography, HPLC equipment, and solvents.

Labflex’ desire with ChromaLab has been to lighten up an otherwise visually “heavy” and technical furniture unit. We have attached importance to transparency and to creating a functional, elegant, and inviting design. An advanced product that is striking with its natural simplicity.

ChromaLab's design accommodates the need for sufficient room for, e.g. HPLC equipment and solvents, operating processes, as well as safety. The product has been developed together with professional laboratory users. This user involvement ensures that ChromaLab solves the usual problems experienced with regard to chromatography measurements and handling of solvents.


  • Operating processes – door opening angle of 270 degrees, openable on both sides. Openable side doors allowing operator access from all 4 sides.  Tubing can be channelled through the glass sides to an adjacent cabinet


  • Visible placement of and easy access to control panel for lighting and audiovisual alarm at worktop's front edge


  • Ergonomic – easy access to solvents and equipment. The unit is fitted with large industry wheel to ensure high stability and easy rolling. Easy to move even when loaded. Flexibility – ChromaLab can be arranged as per user requirements as a: 1) traditional lab setup,2) e.g. HPLC room,3) as an open setup


  • ChromaLab can be placed against a back wall or sideways to ensure a space-efficient setupHygiene – ChromaLab is easy to clean and keep clean. Its materials are cleaning-friendly, durable, and robust. Suitable for GMO1 laboratories


  • Standard LED lighting – energy saving and with long service life


  • Safety – the purpose of the furniture unit's glass top is to keep any toxic fumes away from the user and optimise ventilation


  • Sound attenuation – the top part is in 5-mm high-density toughened glass


 Technology – the intelligent portal contains, e.g.:

           1) Ventilation all the way round

           2) Integrated LED lighting

           3) 8 sockets

           4) Stepless adjustable shelf for storage of solvents

           5) Integrated fluid collection system



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