Standard fume cupboards

Fume cupboards must always effectively protect users from the effects of harmful substances. Labflex offers functional fume cupboards, ensuring efficiency for all users and a safe environment in the laboratory.
The standard fume cupboards can be customized to fit customers needs in terms of design and functions. Hereby Labflex will safeguard the customer’s individual needs eg. by choosing a fitting worktop.
The fume cupboards are available in following dimensions.
Width: 1200mm, 1500mm or1800mm.
Height: 2100mm or 2240mm.

Product features

  • Easy to clean surfaces and materials
  • Electrical height adjustable tables
  • Optimal placement of gas, water and air fittings
  • Sash with double wire
  • Energy saving automatic sash




Fume cupboards worktops are available in the following materials (click on the materials to read more):






Drip cup

Fume cupboard worktops are available with or without drip cup. The drip cup can be fitted in the middle, right or left side. If alternative solutions are desired, please contact Labflex.

In the table below is the available options of combinations.



Material, worktop




Drip cup, material

Stainless steel, 316

Stainless steel

Polypropylene (PP)







Sockets are fitted in the control panel. Sockets are available as:

  • Single box
  • Double box
  • Single switch
  • CEE 230V
  • CEE 400V

Lablfex can offer other options if needed:

  • Single box and switch 
  • Double box and switch
  • 3 X box and switch
  • 4 X box and switch 
  • 5 X box and switch

LED lights are fitted in the top of the fume cupboard. The lights are reflected in the opal glass, which is fitted under the LED light.

  • 4000 K
  • Brightness: Minimum 1800 lm/m
    (brightness ~ 1600 lm, equivalent to a 100 W bulb)
  • Minimum RA90
  • Adjustable brightness, 100-10%.






The PP / steel spigot’s shapes are designed with a soft transition from the fume cupboard cabin’s top to the ventilation pipes. The soft transition reduces noise and secures optimal air circulation. 

The spigots are selected in relation to the selected type of fume cupboards.
Spigot, Ø250 mm, polypropylene (PP) (for 900, 1200, 1500 and 2400mm fume cupboards).
Spigot, Ø315 mm, steel (for 1800mm fume cupboards).




Trompetstruds - Polypropylen
Trompetstruds - Stål


Cabinets and chemical cabinets

Energy consumption is in constant focus at Labflex and a natural part of the expectation for the quality of the laboratory solution.

Laboratories are large consumers of energy and it is Labflex’s task to ensure the right competencies, to provide the best advice and offer the right products, so that the customer has the opportunity to choose the optimal energysaving solution. It is Labflex’s vision to be a leader in this field.

CHEMICAL CABINETS Chemical cabinets consists of a carcase made of 19 mm melamine-coated plates. Doors are in 19 mm laminate-coated chipboard with aluminum handles. All cabinet front edges have dust seals to prevent dust from penetrating into the cabinet.

The cabinets’ back panel is made of 6 mm melamine-coated MDF. All edges are provided with 1 mm ABS edging. The cabinets are assembled with glue and dowels. Base made of 18 mm plywood with 0.7 mm laminate. Plinths are 100 mm high and with quiet shoes. At the top of the chemical cabinet are inlet pipes with a rubber seal of Ø100 mm.
Chemical cabinets are offered with a hinged door with or without glass and 4 removable shelves coated with 4 mm clear tempered glass. Pull-open door provides 90% extraction of the powder-coated steel insert. 5 drawers, steel baskets or 4 glass-covered shelves can be selected (max. 18 kg. Per drawer / basket / shelf).




Energysaver og energioptimering

Labflex supplies several kinds of sash controls, including the product EnergySaver, which is an energy-saving feature in the fume cupboard.

The primary function of EnergySaver is to ensure that the fume cupboard’s sash closes automatically when the fume cupboard is not in use. This reduces and optimizes energy consumption, while also maintaining safety.

The EnergySaver controls are integrated with the general fume cupboard automation, such that the automatic window closing and air-flow adjustment are regulated simultaneously. The automatic sash closing on EnergySaver can be programmed so that the intervals are adapted to the specific work and usage patterns in the laboratory. The user defines the time intervals. Sash closing can also be activated at specific times, such as after working hours.

The system can employ advanced and sensitive technology to detect any resistance in the window caused by test equipment (e.g. flasks) so that the automatic closing stops immediately. This eliminates the risk that experimental set-ups and equipment can be damaged or destroyed if they are sticking out of the fume cupboard. The product can be fitted in both new and existing fume cupboards.

The intelligent control system also provides a high level of user friendliness in daily work around the fume cupboard. The fume cupboard’s control panel is equipped with a sensor that detects movements in front of the window. If a user with equipment in both hands approaches a closed window, the window will open automatically, thus optimizing workflow.