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A laboratory’s classification is decisive for the choice of the final solution, as well as for the final construction, design, and material selection. Labflex is specialised, e.g. in furnishing GMO and microbiological laboratories, sterile rooms, and personnel air locks. Labflex’ systems can therefore accommodate all needs and requirements that exist for this type of special laboratories. It is Labflex’ area of specialisation to provide the right consulting about both furnishing and specific product and material selection. The final solution may constitute a standard system or a specially designed and produced customer-specific solution.

User Innovation

Labflex’ furniture systems are based on user innovation. They are all developed and optimised in close cooperation with professional laboratory users. Such a development process focuses on working procedures, lighting, room limitations, furniture and equipment, ergonomics, service life, environment, flexibility, etc. All customers benefit from this approach that we apply in the development of our furniture systems. It ensures that the construction, design, and functionality are relevant, contemporary, and durable. Labflex’ analysis and design process is an important element in the future-proofing of a laboratory.

Optional Supplementary Products

All workstations are available with supplementary products such as, for example, fume cupboards, LAF benches, fume enclosures, fume extractors, microscope tables, balance tables and balance stone supports, as well as chemical, medicine, and conventional storage cabinets. Labflex offers turnkey solutions to your laboratory.

Special Solutions

If Labflex’ standard systems fall short of the customer's requirements, Labflex can offer tailored solutions. These special solutions ensure 100% customisation to actual user and building requirements. Labflex’ team of engineers and architects will identify and analyse your needs in and around the laboratory and will subsequently develop the optimum laboratory solution for you.

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