System 14

System 14 is developed for installation without supporting legs, which makes it very easy to clean

The system is very flexible as the worktops are vertically adjustable and the underbench units can be moved horizontally without any tools. The service bridge can be fitted with all types of sockets and taps which can be placed as required along the whole length of the bridge. The semicircular end sink unit with sliding doors adds a nice finishing touch to the setup, while simultaneously facilitating work in the laboratory and offering easy access to the sink.

Classification possible in different types of laboratory standards.



• Stand-alone and wall-mounted system

• Without supporting legs and easy to clean

• Optimal ergonomic design

• Unique, characteristic design that ensures easy access to the sink

• Option for manual or electric vertical adjustment

• Detachable, vertically adjustable modular worktop systems

• Easy to clean – no material or surface transitions

• Available with top cabinets and fixed or mobile underbench cabinets

• Free horizontal movement of the underbench cabinets without any tools

• Service bridge allowing placement of connections as per the applicable safety requirements

• Service-friendly service bridge allowing integration of all connections in the same place

• Option for integration and placement of the gas, water, and air taps along the whole length of the service bridge

• Electrical and Internet connection

• Standard dimensions: 900 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,500mm and 1,800 mm