Supplier for Campus ÅS, Norway


Labflex is proud to have been selected as supplier for Campus Ås.

Campus Ås is an amazing site which has a total value of NOK 8 mia. The building is 63.100 m2. Labflex is involved in 14.000 m2 of the laboratories and 14.000 m2 of vet clinics.

Having worked closely with other trades and the laboratory architect Henning Larsen, the detailed design process is now progressing into the installation phase.

Labflex shipped the first laboratory furniture from Denmark last week and is looking forward to the installation process.

Architect and Office Manager at Henning Larsen, Oslo, Karoline Igland says:

“Campus Ås is a project with a very high complexity. This is due to the different needs from the various functions and departments, which will be working in the laboratories. The design and layout is a result of a user process, which has been going on for several years.

The close collaboration with Labflex and their ability, to transform the user needs and integrate it into the laboratory design, has been exceptional.

The process where we have discussed and optimized the innovative solutions, ensuring that the laboratories are prepared for future needs and durability, has been very smooth and constructive.

We experience Labflex as a professional and proactive partner, which possesses valuable insight within their key competency for laboratory design. In addition, Labflex has a deep understanding and ability to be -  and work flexible, to adjust to such a large and complicated project”.


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