22.000 m2 project includes GMO-classified laboratories and various customized solutions.

Labflex has designed, produced, and installed laboratory solutions at Aalborg University, Faculty of Health.

The furniture is customized to fit user needs and different types of laboratories and laboratory classifications are needed for this project. The project includes GMO-classified laboratories, educational laboratories, and microbiological laboratories.

The 22.000 m2 project includes more than 700 cabinets, 12 customized fume cupboards as well as several other fume extraction solutions.

The vision is to enhance the Danish healthcare system – and improve the possibilities of continuously creating coherent and safe patient care.

The furniture solutions will match the requirements of tomorrow’s patients by creating new ways to satisfy the patients, especially concerning time, flexibility and convenience – across specialties, sectors and general practice.

The project unifies the University Hospital and the university as the buildings are connected to one another. This will ensure a close Collaborative process and will bring the study closer to practical work.


Year: 2022

Client: Aalborg University

Size: 22.000 m²

Laboratory type: GMO, educational, microbiology laboratories

Laboratory system: System 10 / System 14