Capital Region Pharmacy


Expansion of the largest pharmacy in Denmark.

Labflex A/S has developed and installed customized laboratory solutions for the Region Hovedstaden pharmacy in Herlev. The project size is approx. 500 m2 and includes 10 laboratories.

Labflex A/S has been utilizing 55 years of experience in this project by designing, producing and installing custom laboratory solutions. For this project Labflex A/S supported the dismantling and reuse of existing furniture to secure the optimal utilization and economic benefit.

The purpose of this project is to support the increasing demand of medicine for the hospitals and pharmacies in Denmark. The state-of-the-art expansion solution will also help Region Hovedstaden closer to the vision of having a healthcare service at an international top level.

Aesthetic, project feasibility and functional solutions have been developed through a close collaboration between Labflex A/S, the pharmacists, Region Hovedstaden and the architectural firm C.F. Møller Architects.


Year: 2019

Architect: C.F. Møller

Client: The Capital Region of Denmark

Size: 500 m²

Laboratory type: R&D laboratories

Laboratory system: System 10

Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Punktsug
Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Vejebord
Fume cupboard for laboratory at Herlev Apotek