LGC Biosearch Technologies


Customized solutions including walk-in fume cupboards are developed for the global leader in design, development, and manufacture of custom oligonucleotide-based tools and associated reagents.

The laboratories will be used for analyzing and manufacturing custom-made synthetic DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. The objective for this project is to ensure future-proof laboratories with a world-class user experience.

Labflex has been a part of this project by designing, producing and installing the new customized furniture. The laboratory solutions include customized walk-in fume cupboards developed with the user experience in mind.

The Walk-in fume cupboards include a mobile table and custom mobile installations developed to secure easy access to laboratory equipment in underbench cabinets.

The architectural look on the fume cupboards is enhanced by the installation panel connecting the two cupboards. The panel ensures hidden installations and easy access.

Labflex has also been a part of moving existing fume cupboards from a former location to a new and improved location.

The project has been completed in close collaboration with the laboratory users and LGC Biosearch Technologies.


Year: 2021

Client: LGC Biosearch Technologies

Size: 500 m²

Laboratory type: Analytical laboratories

Laboratory system: System 14 and custom walk-in fume cupboards