Laboratory service

Keeping a safe working and training environment in the laboratory also necessitates service and maintenance of all room automation. In other words, the room, including all process ventilation, needs to be in balance. Capacity should match demand and air volume should be sufficient for maintaining the necessary level of safety in the lab. Labflex can also offer continuous testing, consulting, and improvements in connection with this.


  • Measuring air speed in the sash opening at its minimum and maximum positions
  • Adjusting air volume and maximum sash height, as needed, so that the settings meet the requirements
  • Inspecting the LVL 901 sash sensor visually for mechanical faults
  • Inspecting the LVF 901 speed sensor placed at the top of the cabinets for dirt and cleaning with a soft brush, as needed, once a year. Subsequent inspection of the alarm function
  • Functional testing of the LVP901V / LVP901H control panel
  • Inspecting the LVE 901 electronic box and checking the set values for signals to dampers, valves, and sensors
  • Testing the rechargeable battery pack whose normal service life is approx. 5 years. The battery is inspected by cutting the supply voltage to the control system and checking if the red lamp on the operating panel flashes
  • Testing the sound transmitter by opening the sash above the max mark on the fume cupboard, which triggers the alarm
  • Inspecting valves, dampers, and motors for mechanical faults
  • Testing room air balance by measuring air direction and speed in the sash opening to a neutral area’s minimum and maximum positions. A laboratory normally maintains a slight negative pressure. The incoming air volume is adjusted, e.g. in order to maintain the pressure condition requirements in the laboratory
  • We draw up and submit a service report for each individual fume cupboard upon service completion


The product range of Labflex Service also includes consulting about the complete process ventilation installation and servicing and replacement of process installations. An upgrade of the process installation by replacing the motors with new energy-saving motors (Plug Fans) with ECi technology can pay off for most companies.

The potential savings are enormous, in some case up to 70 % of the energy consumption! Labflex Service also offers registration and project planning of process and comfort facilities, including optimisation of the interaction between process and comfort ventilation.

Labflex Service can also assist customers with other ventilation jobs such as, e.g. process or comfort ventilation upgrades for meeting capacity requirement changes.

Labflex Service offers complete registration of ventilation facilities, including construction, interaction with other installations and components, as well as placement. All data is collected in a folder with floor plans, site plans, and descriptions. The folder also contains a schematic overview of components in need of service, service intervals, and important contact details. This overview is a “must have” for older facilities which have underwent continuous expansion, renovation, and the like to allow for efficiency optimisations.