Bedside tables

Santo BEDSIDE TABLE: 360 degrees of mobility

The design of the Santo bedside table is inspired from a pentagon, which allows a high degree of flexibility and optimal ergonomics. The bedside table is a multifunctional furniture that serves as both a home for storage of the patient's personal belongings and as dining table for bedbound patients.


All control functions are performed by minimal handling:

  • Eating plate is height adjustable and simple to handle
  • The bedside table does not have to be moved when adjusting the eating plate in front of the patient
  • The table is mobile and easy to get around
  • Wheels with locks ensure good parking function
  • Dining plate is height adjustable from 840 - 1020 mm
  • The bedside table is made of compact laminate and aluminum as primary materials.

Design and materials of the swing arm makes handling simple and flexible. Dining plate can be turned all the way around on both right and left side, which ensures good ergonomics and a high degree of movement.

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