Sustainability within Labflex

In recent years, the sustainable agenda has manifested its progress across all industries. This is also the case when it comes to the traditional laboratory world.

The increasing focus on sustainable solutions is a challenge and an opportunity that Labflex wants to welcome. A central part of welcoming the sustainable agenda must be realized through a two-fold area of action: reducing footprint within laboratories as well as energy and resource optimization of production.

We have already taken our first steps towards a better tomorrow. Below you will find some of our recent initiatives.

Climate compass

Climate report

We are proud to release our first climate report. We look forward to being more transparent and aspire to make a significant change to the laboratory industry.

Digitalising laboratories

Labflex explores innovative ways to utilize laboratory data for efficiency and lower carbon emissions. We have partnered with Inniti to test data utilization feasibility for fume cupboards.

50% reduction of energy

In our production facility, both heating and lighting have been changed to more sustainable and energy-saving solutions.

The solutions have reduced the energy consumption for lighting by 50%.

85% certified wood

We are proud to achieve a procurement of more than 85% of our wood has been FSC certified.

The certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests.

Climate compass

The direction towards a better tomorrow

Labflex has released a comprehensive climate report that highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the company’s carbon footprint, energy consumption, and waste management practices.

As a company that operates in the laboratory industry, Labflex recognizes the importance of reducing our environmental impact and promoting sustainability. The company’s climate report demonstrates our dedication to this goal and outlines the steps it is taking to achieve it.

reducing our carbon footprint

One of the key areas of focus for Labflex is reducing our carbon footprint. The company has implemented various measures to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, including investments in energy reducing solutions and commitment to new partnerships. These efforts have resulted in a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint over the past year. The company has implemented energy-saving measures in our production facilities, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and heating solutions. These measures have not only reduced the company’s environmental impact but have also resulted in significant cost savings.

Climate change within laboratories

Labflex’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond our operations. The company is also committed to promoting sustainability in the laboratory industry as a whole. Labflex works with customers to provide sustainable laboratory furniture and solutions that are designed to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

We are excited to be a part of developing the next generations of laboratory layouts and designs. For many new projects, we have completely redesigned and rethought working processes and the layouts in the laboratories. This has resulted in a significant reduction of m2 per laboratory technician and a more flexible working environment.

In addition to the optimization of the laboratory layout, we are currently developing new solutions for the biggest CO2 sinner in the laboratory: The fume cupboards. Fume cupboards have an energy consumption corresponding to a single family house. This is why we have committed to develop new solutions reducing the CO2 footprint for fume cupboards. To solve this problem, we have partnered with Inniti. Together, we want to utilize data to reduce the energy consumption for fume cupboards. We look forward to share more about our collaboration.

Embarking on the sustainable journey

The release of the climate report demonstrates Labflex’s commitment to transparency and accountability. The report provides stakeholders with an in-depth analysis of the company’s environmental impact and our efforts to reduce it. 

In conclusion, Labflex’s climate report highlights the company’s dedication to sustainability and our efforts to reduce our environmental impact. The report demonstrates Labflex’s commitment to transparency and accountability and sets an example for other companies in the laboratory industry to follow. By working together to promote sustainability, we can create a better future for ourselves and for future generations.

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