Sustainable initiatives within production

In our production facility, both heating and lighting have been changed to more sustainable and energy-saving solutions.

To secure a reduction in our electricity consumption, lighting in Labflex’s production facility has been replaced with energy-saving LED solutions. Furthermore, the lighting is regulated according to the daylight that enters skylight windows.

The heating solution has been replaced from warm air heaters to radiant heating panels. Warm air heaters use energy to heat all the air in the room, while the new and improved solution only uses energy on what the radiant heat hits. This functionality makes the solution ideal for a production facility with a high ceiling. The solution secures a significantly lower energy consumption using radiant heating panels rather than warm air heaters.

These measures will be a part of ensuring a greener production of furniture, by significantly reducing energy consumption. Labflex has reduced energy consumption by almost half by ensuring optimal lighting solutions.

In relation to the lighting alone, a reduction of 17.6 kWh has been achieved through the new measures, corresponding to almost 50%. The reduction is significant in the big picture. The annual consumption of lighting is estimated at 3,772 hours, which corresponds to a reduction of more than 66,000 kWh.

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