Installations in the laboratory

Labflex’s installations includes amongst others of lightning, electrics, water- and gas taps. All installations can be delivered and customized as desired.


LED printed circuit board for installation in the service bridge below the top cabinets.

  • 4000 K
  • Brightness: Minimum 1200 lm/m (brightness ~ 1600 lm, equivalent to a 100 W bulb)
  • Minimum RA90
  • Adjustable brightness, 100-10%.

Plug-and-Play solution: Only need to connect power. No need for external driver or damper.


GIRA System 55 has a beautiful finish with a curved frame which is easily cleaned. The socket is supplied with back box fitting.


Taps for gas are Danish Gas Technology Centre (DG) approved. Colour codes on the handle are as standard in accordance with EN 13792. 

Laboratorieindretning ved Novo Nordisk - LED lys