Point exhaust

Labflex designs point exhausts for laboratory workplaces as self-bearing and flexible structures, which are easy to operate and clean.

Furthermore, you can easily adjust the extraction arm to extract smoke, dust, or gas as close as possible to the source of contamination.

Additionally, we offer point exhausts, including the extraction arm, in a detachable, front-mounted type, allowing you to move it from one workplace to another seamlessly.

Finally, we can equip the point exhaust with either a standard hood or a transparent polycarbonate hood, depending on your specific needs.

Front mounted point exhaust detachable from the cabinet

At SDU SUND we have delivered more than 200 point exhaust units.

Elements for point exhaust

Our point exhaust solutions specifically enhance air quality and ensure a safe working area by effectively removing hazardous substances directly at their source. Additionally, explore our range of tailored solutions to meet your specific laboratory needs.


Labflex is dedicated to providing you with advanced point exhaust solutions that promote safety, efficiency, and productivity in your laboratory.

Customization and flexibility stand at the forefront of good lab environments. They allow products to adapt seamlessly to diverse user requirements and environments.

  • Controls: Add controls to monitor the point exhaust and add extra safety.
  • Placement: Optimize placement for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Materials: Choose materials for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Specific Needs: Tailor solutions to meet unique operational demands.

By customizing these elements, we ensure that every solution is perfectly aligned with the user’s specific needs, leading to improved satisfaction and performance.