Point exhaust

Labflex point exhaust to Laboratory workplaces are designed as a self-bearing and flexible structure which is easy to operate and clean.

The extraction arm can easily be adjusted, so that it extracts smoke, dust or gas as close as possible to the source of contamination.

Point exhaust incl. extraction arm can be supplied detachable for the front-mounted type and can thereby be moved from one working place to another.

The point exhaust can be supplied with a standard hood or a transparent polycarbonate hood.

Product features

  • Extraction arm
  • Hood material: Clear polycarbonate or metal
  • Available with damper at the top of the funnel
  • Available with light in the funnel
  • Extraction arm is flexible and adjustable in 3 directions
  • The point exhaust surfaces are resistant to Basic cleaners, ethanol and rodalon