Fume cupboard

Fume cupboards must always effectively protect users from the effects of harmful substances. Labflex offers functional fume cupboards, ensuring efficiency for all users and a safe environment in the laboratory.

The fume cupboards are certified in accordance to EN/DS 14175.

Labflex’s own production ensures efficient input and output control of materials and products. The fume cupboards are tested and inspected before they are shipped from the factory. Sealing and pressure testing is carried out on all plumbing installations as part of the extensive inspection. The testing takes place before a fume cupboard leaves the production facility. The final inspection and testing is carried out at the customer’s after installation.

After the laboratory unit has been installed and connected, it is inspected by a Labflex technician and a project manager.

Labflex’s fume cupboards can be delivered in different types: Standard, isotope, perchlor and fluorescent. 

The fume cupboards can be customized to fit customers needs in terms of design and functions. Furthermore, Labflex will safeguard the customer’s individual needs by choosing a fitting worktop.

Fume cupboards for all laboratory types

Labflex is capable of supplying products with variable or constant air-flow and with integrated control solutions. With its broad and well-documented product portfolio, Labflex can supply fume cupboards for all kinds of laboratories. Some examples are chemistry laboratories, analysis, research and development, GMO or ATEX laboratories. The product portfolio contains a wide selection of models from complex and large walk-in units to specially developed pathology fume cupboards. Isotope or perchloric acid fume cupboards are also part of the standard product range from Labflex.

The cupboards can be delivered as stationary or with height adjustable function as well as the option of sloping or straight side and front.

Designing and manufacturing fume cupboards correctly and optimally requires an in-depth understanding of standards, regulations and trends. This know-how is embedded in our global team, which consists of architects, engineers, constructors, consultants, product specialists and laboratory technicians. Our knowledge guarantees that our customers always receive the best advice and an optimal solutions.

All laboratory units must be able to adapt to the laboratory’s existing and future needs, as well as to the various furniture systems. The ability to adapt to specific user needs and behaviours, the given building conditions and the current regulatory requirements ensures high efficiency and a long service life.

Labflex’s products can be integrated into both new and existing furniture systems.

Automated and energy efficient fume cupboards

Labflex’s interior and ventilation solutions include automated ventilation control for laboratories as an integral part of the fume cupboard design. These solutions have been developed over a number of years and have been optimized in cooperation between Labflex and competent subcontractors. Both standard and customized controls are available.

Both technical IT and product-specific control systems can be supplied, and all product solutions are explicitly developed for implementation in laboratories. The control systems make the fume cupboard intelligent and provide a safer working environment as well as optimized energy consumption.

The Labflex operating system is intelligent and interprets the user’s behaviour, so that the airflow is automatically adjusted depending on the height of the sash.
For example, if the sash window is closed, the air volume will be automatically reduced. The air volume is adjusted and adapted to a new window level within 1 second. The short reaction time increases safety in and around the fume cupboard.

EnergySaver function

Labflex supplies several kinds of sash controls, including the EnergySaver function, which is an energy-saving feature.

The primary function of EnergySaver is to ensure that the sash closes automatically when it is not in use. This reduces and optimizes energy consumption, while also maintaining safety.

The EnergySaver controls are integrated with the general fume cupboard automation, such that the automatic window closing and air-flow adjustment are regulated simultaneously. The automatic sash closing on EnergySaver can be programmed so that the intervals are adapted to the specific work and usage patterns in the laboratory. The user defines the time intervals. Sash closing can also be activated at specific times, such as after working hours.

The system can employ advanced and sensitive technology to detect any resistance in the window caused by test equipment, so that the automatic closing stops immediately. This eliminates the risk that experimental set-ups and equipment can be damaged or destroyed if they are sticking out of the fume cupboard. The product can be fitted in both new and existing units.

Work environment: ergonomics and noise

Laboratories are dynamic environments where workflow and space requirements change. Labflex’s flexible fume cupboard solutions can be adapted to new, specific application requirements and ensure efficient, integrated systems.

Fume cupboards are available with integrated, height-adjustable insertion frames and work-benches and walk-in designs that are available in different heights, depths and widths.

The fume cupboards sloping sash design optimizes the working position. This flexibility means that it can be adapted to the most complex ergonomic requirements. The sloping front design provides the most comfortable working position and is the least stressful for the body.

Good lighting is an essential component of an excellent working environment. The light levels comply with the guidelines in DS/EN 14175 according to Type Approval part 3.

The design and choice of materials mean that the interior and exterior surfaces can be cleaned easily and effectively. The back panels inside the fume cupboard are removable, and cracks and corners are avoided.

Fume cupboard for laboratory at Herlev Apotek
Fume cupboard for laboratory at Herlev Apotek
Laboratorieindretning ved Novo Nordisk - Stinkskabe