Fume cupboards

Fume cupboards must always effectively protect users from the effects of harmful substances. Labflex offers functional fume cupboards, ensuring efficiency for all users and a safe environment in the laboratory.

All Labflex’ fume cupboards are certified in accordance to EN/DS 14175.

Labflex’s own production of fume cupboards ensures efficient input and output control of materials and products. The fume cupboards are tested and inspected before they are shipped from the factory. Sealing and pressure testing is carried out on all plumbing installations as part of the extensive inspection and testing that takes place before a fume cupboard leaves the production facility. The final inspection and testing is carried out at the customer’s after installation and assembly, and before use. After the fume cupboard has been installed and connected, it is inspected by a Labflex technician as well as a project manager before its final delivery to the customer.

Labflex’ fume cupboards can be delivered in different types: Standard, isotope, perchlor, fluorescent and walk-in fume cupboards. All types of fume cupboards can be delivered as stationary or with height adjustable function as well as the option of sloping or straight side and front (except walk-in).

The standard fume cupboards can be customized to fit customers needs in terms of design and functions. Hereby Labflex will safeguard the customer’s individual needs eg. by choosing a fitting worktop.


The fume cupboards are available in following dimensions.
Width: 1200mm, 1500mm or1800mm.
Height: 2100mm or 2240mm.

  • Easy to clean surfaces and materials
  • Electrical height adjustable tables
  • Optimal placement of gas, water and air fittings
  • Sash with double wire
  • Energy saving automatic sash
Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Stinkskab
Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Stinkskab
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