VisionLab is a flexible laboratory furniture system with a unique design. The characteristic load-bearing portal also serves as an electric roadway in the end panels and gas fittings in the center panel of the table.

The system ensures excellent ergonomics with height-adjustable worktops and moveable underbench cabinets. Island systems are also available with dual access top cabinets.

Product features

  • Island or wall-fitted system
  • Easy-to-clean system, without material or surface transitions
  • GMO-approved electric height-adjustable worktops
  • Underbench cabinets/drawers can be moved from side to side without the use of tools
  • Carrier portal with integrated LED
  • Service bridge with free positioning of gas, water and air ventilation taps and fittings
  • Cabinets are suspended from the portal, and can easily be removed again at high settings