Weighing table / Weighing column

Labflex offers both a weighing table as an independent set-up or a weighing column as part of a system solution or fume hood.


The weighing table ensures optimal stability in order that precision measuring work can be executed in the laboratory. The weighing column is designed for precise measurements down to four decimals, and its measuring is independent of the adjoining structure.

The weighing column’s design includes vibration damping, and it can either be freely positioned or set in a worktop with a section cut out for the weighing column/weighing stone.

The weighing column’s base plate is made from compact laminate and it is secured to the concrete floor using an expansion bolt. The weighing stone is made from granite.

The maximum load on the table is 100 kg and 17 kg on the road stone.


The weighing column has a structure developed to reduce vibrations, and can be either freely placed or in a worktop with a cut-out for the weighing column / weighing stone.

The bottom plate of the weighing column is fixed to the concrete floor with an expansion bolt. The stone is made of granite.

Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Vejebord
Laboratorieindretning ved Herlev Apotek - Vejebord