Celebrating Two Decades of ownership: A Tribute to the Foghsgaard family

At Labflex we are incredibly grateful to the Foghsgaard family, who have been the cornerstone of our company for the past 20 years. As we embark on a new chapter, we wish to extend our deepest thanks to them for their unparalleled dedication and support.

Through every high and low, the Foghsgaard family has in collaboration with all our colleagues stood steadfast, maintaining our values, and pushing us towards excellence.

The commitment of the Foghsgaard family was not just in terms of financial investment but also in the countless hours they devoted, ensuring Labflex thrived.

Their efforts have not only created numerous job opportunities in Denmark but have also contributed to the local area in Skive, fostering a good work environment and economic growth.

“Under the stewardship of the Foghsgaard family, Labflex has navigated through challenges and opportunities with resilience and innovation. As we embrace the future, our commitment to excellence, community, and sustainable growth remains unwavering. Together, we will continue to build on the strong foundation laid over the past two decades, driving forward with the same spirit and dedication.”

Stig Blicher, CEO of Labflex

Under their guidance, Labflex has evolved into a robust company, ready for future growth and new ventures. This transition has been made possible by their leadership and the collective hard work of our exceptional colleagues.

As we move forward, we carry with us the legacy and the values instilled by the Foghsgaard family. Their imprint on Labflex’s culture and achievements will always be guiding for our future achievements.

Thank you, Malte, Caspar and the rest of the Foghsgaard family, for the many years of collaboration. Thank you for more than 20 remarkable years. Your unwavering support have been the basis of our success. Lars would have been proud of what you have achieved today.

We are eager to build upon the solid foundation you have laid and continue the excellent work.

Thank you,

The Labflex Team

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