DTU Sustain project includes fume hoods for large machinery

New laboratories are designed to enhance the experience of handling and researching waste types. 

The project is developed for the DTU department of environmental studies. The project is 2.300 m2 and includes over 1.200 m2 of laboratories.  

The new building is gold certified according to the DGNB standards. The DGNB System is based on the concept of holistic sustainability, placing equal emphasis on the environment, people, and commercial viability.  

Labflex has designed, produced, and installed the laboratory furniture. This includes 20 fume cupboards and walk-in fume hoods.  

The customized walk-in fume hoods are developed with a spacious interior to include large machinery.  

To support the users, the fume hoods have a ground clearance of 1.630 mm, enabling access for necessary machinery, thus being compatible with user- and research needs.  

The units will remove fumes and dust from the working area to secure a safe and optimal working environment.  

Labflex has completed this project in close collaboration with the laboratory users, DTU, and Langvad architects.  

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