Worktops for laboratories

Labflex’s worktops for laboratories and more, can be tailored in various dimensions and materials. All our worktops can be fitted with a sink.

The worktop materials are different depending on the laboratory type and working environment where the worktop will be located and the required quality. Labflex can offer worktops in different materials.

The worktops can be delivered in six different materials: Laminate, Compact Laminate, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, Epoxy and Ceramic.


Laminate worktops are available with post-shaped edges or edges of laminate or PP. Edge of laminate are glued on worktops after applying the laminate. Edges for post-lipped worktops are glued to the worktop after applying the laminate. Edges for pre-lipped worktops are glued to the worktop before applying the laminate. The best abrasion resistance are achieved and penetrating of water is avoided.

The worktop thickness is 30 mm.


Compact laminate is made of resin impregnated paper, which is compressed under high pressure and heat. The top and bottom layers consist of colored laminate paper impregnated with melamine, which provides a very durable and a clean-friendly surface.

The worktop thickness is 16 or 20 mm.


The worktop is with raised edges. Thickness is 20 mm without the raised edge, and 30 with the raised edge.

The worktop is made of solid PP and doesn’t have a wood core. Worktops in PP is strong in terms of impacts. The sound is quiet, when glassware is placed on it. The worktop is highly chemical resistance, so it can withstand water and chemicals. However, it cannot withstand heat over 70 degrees.


The worktop consists of 1 mm steel, glued on a sheet and have raised edge on 4 sides.

The thickness is 28 mm without raised edges and 32.5 mm with raised edges.

The characteristic of acid-proof stainless steel is that in addition to 12% chromium and 8% nickel, it also contains 2-3% molybdenum, which makes steel quality more corrosion-resistant, especially under acidic and oxygen-poor conditions. Oxygen resistant stainless steel is clean, hygienic and long lasting.


Epoxy resin tabletop is made by a combination of epoxy, silica hardener and fillers, which is molded and oven-cured. The hardening process creates a surface with excellent durability and outstanding chemical resistance.

The worktop is also easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. The tabletop is available with or without raised edges.

The thickness is 15 mm without raised edges and 25 mm with raised edges.


Solid ceramic worktop with glazed glossy surface. The thickness is 28 mm without raised edges and 32 mm with raised edges.

Ceramics are made of sand, feldspathic, clay and natural coloring pigments. Which is pressed and heated at a temperature of about 1200 degrees. This makes the surface completely closed, ensuring that the product requires minimal maintenance, and make it very hygienic.

The ceramic worktops are resistant to scratches and heat and it does not absorb liquids.