Future proof laboratories for Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

State-of-the-art laboratory solutions, at the Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE), will secure flexible and future proof laboratories.

DCE delivers science-based advice and solutions that help greening of the economy and promote sustainable growth at both local, national and international scale. The objective of the new laboratories is to enhance research and development into nature, environment, climate and energy.

Labflex has been a part of this project by designing, producing and installing the laboratory solutions. The solutions are built upon Labflex’s laboratory systems System 10 and System 14, which have been customized to fit customer needs.

The laboratories include fume cupboards, fume hoods, LAF benches, suction box, weighing table and several storage solutions. Epoxy worktops for fume cupboards and tables are delivered to ensure resilient worktops.

Epoxy resin worktop is made by a combination of epoxy, silica hardener and fillers, which is molded and oven-cured. The hardening process creates a surface with excellent durability and outstanding chemical resistance. The worktop is also easy to clean, disinfect and maintain.

This project is currently being executed and we look forward to showing the finalized project.

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