Labflex ensures continued growth with German owner

Danish Labflex gets a new owner in the form of German Köttermann Group, which is part of the European investment company BHM Group. The new owners ensure that Labflex receives both financing and complementary know-how, positioning them strongly for continued growth.

The Danish company based in Skive, Labflex, is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of innovative and customized interior solutions for the hospital, laboratory, and education sectors. The company has recently been acquired by the German Köttermann Group after several years of strong progress. The new owners provide Labflex with access to know-how and capital, which can pave the way for further growth.

Stig Blicher, CEO of Labflex.

New group with the right focus

The existing management, led by Stig Blicher, along with Chairman of the board Christian Herskind, will continue in their roles and believe that the new group has the right focus:

Christian Herskind, Chairman of the board, Labflex

Sustainability is an important parameter

The European investment company BHM Group is particularly active in sectors including the pharmaceutical industry and places great emphasis on sustainability in its investments.

Marek Krsek, CEO of Köttermann Group

Labflex anticipates a seamless integration process and will continue unchanged under the new ownership with its current name. Labflex will be integrated as an independent organization within the Köttermann Group.

About Labflex

Labflex is a well-known brand in the Nordic countries and the rest of the world for its unique high-quality wood-based laboratory solutions. The company primarily serves the pharmaceutical and bioscience segments and meets local and global norms and standards.

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About BHM Investment Group

BHM Group, headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, is a rapidly expanding European investment company that manages investments in major European countries across various industries. BHM Group is particularly active in sectors including the pharmaceutical industry and places great emphasis on sustainability in its investments, reflecting a commitment to responsible business practices.

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About Köettermann GmbH

Köttermann is the leading organization within the BHM investment company, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in laboratory solutions. With a global presence and a diverse portfolio of products and services, Köttermann is a leading international provider of comprehensive steel-based laboratory systems.

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About Lab Concept GmbH

Lab Concept GmbH is a supplier of customized laboratory solutions with a focus on flexibility and modularity. With extensive experience and expertise in the development and management of laboratory projects, the company has become a well-known player in the industry. Lab Concept GmbH is dedicated to working innovatively within the industry, driven by a vision to design the laboratory of the future.

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Stig Blicher
CEO, Labflex

Phone: +45 2486 6541


Sean Smith
Director UK, Labflex

Phone: +44 7775 853 007


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