New era of laboratory layouts: working collaborative

In recent years, there has been a shift in the laboratory industry towards reducing the footprint by designing more flexible and collaborative workspaces. This new era of laboratory design aims to make the most out of the available space by utilizing laboratories for multiple different workflows, all while maintaining the safety requirements.  

➡️ Flexibility securing research  

Traditionally, laboratories have been designed with a fixed layout to meet the specific needs of a particular research project or experiment. However, this approach can lead to underutilized space and limited flexibility for future projects. In contrast, the new approach to laboratory design emphasises flexibility and adaptability to accommodate multiple research areas.  

One of the key components of this new approach is the use of modular furniture and equipment. Modular designs allow for easy reconfiguration of laboratory space, which can adapt to different research needs. For example, lab benches with adaptable features can be reconfigured quickly to accommodate a new research project. 

➡️ Accommodating collaboration 

Collaborative workspaces are also an essential component of the new laboratory design. By bringing researchers from different disciplines together in shared workspaces, it becomes easier to share ideas and resources, leading to more efficient and effective research. Collaborative workspaces also encourage teamwork and promote a sense of community among researchers. 

➡️ Safety considerations 

Another important consideration in the new era of laboratory design is safety. Labs are designed to be inherently safe places, but with the introduction of multiple workflows, it is essential to ensure that safety protocols are maintained. Lab safety must be a top priority when designing flexible, collaborative workspaces, and safety features must be incorporated into the design. 

A new way of working 

The new era of laboratory design offers many benefits, including increased flexibility, better collaboration, and more efficient use of space. By adopting this approach, laboratories can accommodate multiple research areas, encourage collaboration, and maintain safety protocols. 

The laboratory industry is moving towards a new era of design that emphasises flexibility and collaboration. By designing more flexible and collaborative workspaces and using laboratories for multiple different workflows, labs can make the most out of available space while still maintaining required safety standards. The new era of laboratory design offers many benefits, and it is exciting to see how it will continue to evolve in the future. 

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