Collaborative laboratory layout: Flexlab solutions

Improving Laboratory Efficiency and Flexibility with State-of-the-Art Furniture Solutions

Our new laboratory concept includes flexible solutions developed for multiple workflows. The laboratories will promote higher efficiency and a lower footprint as laboratory users can overlap with different workflows in the same laboratories.

  ➡️ Ceiling-mounted installations: Provides optimal flexibility and space for equipment and setups

  ➡️ Ergonomics: Individually adapted workstations with height-adjustable tables are essential for a healthy working environment

  ➡️ Quick connect and flexible cable solutions: Ensures quick changeover in the laboratory

The new furniture system is designed for laboratories with a need for flexibility and space in the room.


The furniture system ensures the users’ optimal use of the space at the individual workstations. The ceiling-mounted installations ensure flexibility and optimal use of space in the laboratory. Users can work freely and unhindered with equipment of all sizes and configurations.

The system ensures different workflows in the same laboratory, thereby reducing the overall footprint, and securing the optimal work processes and utilization of the furniture.


Workstations are designed so that users can move the workstations around. This ensures great flexibility and efficiency in the laboratory, as the necessary space for equipment can be quickly created when the need arises. The workstations are designed, produced, and fitted with movable tables, with either fixed or mobile underbench cabinets.

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