New wastewater treatment plant developed with sustainability in mind

New wastewater treatment plant will unify 8 outdated plants in one world class facility. The treatment plant aims to be best in class in terms of energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

The new wastewater treatment plant is developed with the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the UN, in mind. The facility will be energy neutral, as it will produce more energy than consuming. The project is expected to reduce the Co2 emissions by 60%.

The wastewater treatment plant in Assens is designed with an architectural look. The interior illustrates architectural character, timeless design and functionality.

With simplicity and clarity in mind, the design has been developed to unify the functionality and the experiential aspects.

The project totals 7 laboratories including wastewater laboratories, analytical laboratories and an educational laboratory.

The laboratory solutions include multiple height adjustable fume cupboards with stainless 316 steel, point exhaust, chemical cabinets and layouts with laboratory tables and installation bridges.

This project is currently being executed and we look forward to showing the finalized project.

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