Partnership aiming to reduce footprint in laboratories

Fume cupboard efficiency is aiming to reach a new standard. We are proud to share our collaboration with Inniti.

Key advantages of the partnership:

➡️ Digitalising laboratories – beginning with fume cupboards

Our digital solutions enable a remote connection to fume cupboards, securing real-time data. Labs can use this data to obtain information about energy consumption and optimise processes and maintenance.

➡️ Reducing the CO2 footprint

Fume cupboards are known for their negative environmental impact, and with our innovative solutions, we aim to reduce the CO2 footprint in laboratories significantly.

➡️ Optimising laboratory efficiency with data

Laboratory users are entering a new era of collaborative work. Laboratories are now designed for multiple processes with less space. This change demands data utilisation to secure the correct processes and maintain optimal safety levels.

We look forward to sharing more information about our partnership soon.

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