Production capacity continuously improving

Labflex’s laboratory solutions are produced and assembled at our production facility in Denmark.

With more than 60 years of experience within the industry, Labflex has over the years developed a very high production capacity.

The production facility totals 8.500 m2 and generates a yearly capacity exceeding 400.000 components and production handles up to 25.000 cabinets and 1.000 fume cupboards every year.

Ensuring the best possible customer service is of vital importance, hence the high capacity is very important to maintain and develop further. Many of our customers require customized solutions, why we aspire to deliver state-of-the-art customized furniture on demand.

All of Labflex’s products are manufactured in high quality with an unwavering commitment to functionality, design, ergonomics, environment, and long service life.

Our work procedures and task descriptions ensure continuous uniform quality of all work in the Supply Chain for the benefit and safety of our customers.

We are proud of the products we deliver, and we aspire to deliver solutions with a long lifetime, why we also offer after-sales service on a wide range of products.

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