Progress at project including GMO and isotope laboratories

We are excited to see progress at the SDU SUND project. The furniture is in production and will be installed in 2022.

The SDU SUND project totals 50.000 m2 and includes laboratories for research and development.

The new buildings will include research laboratories, educational laboratories, supporting offices, biomedical laboratory with animal stables and facilities for the Department of Forensic Medicine and Anatomy.

Labflex is a part of this project by designing, producing and installing the laboratory furniture.

The furniture is customized to fit user needs, as different types of classifications are needed for this project. The project includes GMO class 1, GMO class 2, isotope B, ABSL2 (Biosafety Level 2) and SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) laboratories.

The furniture solutions are built upon Labflex’s laboratory systems: System 10 and System 14. The systems are developed to be flexible and easy to clean and maintain.

The solutions also include world-class fume cupboards and point exhaust to secure the best possible conditions for research and education activities at the Faculty of Health Sciences.

This project is currently in progress and Labflex is collaborating with the laboratory users, the Medic OUH consortium and the main contractor Vejdirektoratet.

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