Novo Nordisk HI & E5/F5


Over time, Labflex has delivered a number of projects to Novo Nordisk with great success. These projects are not an exception. Through close collaboration with the users, Labflex has succeeded in creating optimal solutions that work together with the researchers’ work processes. At the same time, a unique design has been created that aesthetically enhances everyday life.

Pictures from the project are available below.


Year: 2017

Client: Novo Nordisk


  • E5/F5 & H&I, 2 X 5,000 m²
  • Novo Nordisk, 24 L 1,500 m²

Laboratory type: Analyse- og kemilaboratorier

Laboratory system: VisionLab / System 10

Laboratorieindretning ved Novo Nordisk
Laboratorieindretning ved Novo Nordisk - LED lys
Laboratorieindretning ved Novo Nordisk - Stinkskabe