Sensory Laboratory


A new sensory laboratory developed to ensure optimal testing and research within food and other consumables.

The laboratory includes 10 individual testing booths designed by Labflex with customized furnishing solutions. The furniture is developed to ensure individual experiences while maintaining a practical furniture layout.

The open sensory laboratory environment enables more flexibility in the workplace. The tables in the middle will also enhance the flexibility of working with and moving the consumables as pleased.

The laboratories will be used for sensory analysis to develop new products, optimise existing products, quality control and obtain detailed insights into the experience and aesthetics of the product.

Labflex’s consultants have been a part of the initial clarification to determine the layout and custom solutions for the laboratory. Labflex has also produced and installed the furniture, which created the best possibilities for a streamlined process.

We are glad to achieve a productive process with the users and facility managers of the laboratory.

Labflex can deliver sensory laboratories for both open and closed environments.


Year: 2023

Client: Anonymous

Size: 500 m²

Laboratory type: Sensory laboratories

Laboratory system: Customised