Magle Chemoswed


New refurbishment of Magle Chemoswed in Sweden will make the operations smoother and more focused.

Labflex has been involved in this project by designing, producing and installing the customized laboratory furniture. During this project 8 rooms has been refurbished including R&D-, analysis- and support laboratories.

The furniture solutions are built upon a combination between Labflex furniture System 10 and fume cupboards.

The new solutions mean that the company will now be gathered at one site with new state-of-the-art furniture, making all the operations smoother and more focused.

This project has been completed by Labflex in collaboration with the Magle Chemoswed and the users.


År: 2020

Kunde: Magle Chemoswed

Størrelse: 8 laboratorier

Laboratorie type: R&D og analyse laboratorier

Laboratorie system: System 10