The highest class of laboratory aesthetics with an amazing finish at Probi Lab in Sweden.

We have been a part of this project from the initial clarifications, allowing the solutions to be completely customized and enhancing the user experience.

The solutions are developed with an aesthetic finish including suspended top cabinets, customized worktops securing optimal radiator heat, rounded worktop edges and VisionLab portal.

The project includes compact laminate and 316 steel worktops, several cabinet solutions, customized lock and much more.

Probi is managing stable, live bacteria from R&D through every stage of the manufacturing process, and we are proud to design, produce and install the new laboratory solutions for the headquarter in Sweden.

The project has been completed in close collaboration with the end users.


Year: 2022

Client: Probi

Size: 500 m²

Laboratory type: R&D laboratories

Laboratory system: System 10 / System 14 / VisionLab