Queen’s University


Queen’s University Belfast project is a facility developed for the students and researchers to help grow the life science sector.

Labflex A/S is proud being a part of this project by designing, producing and installing new furniture for the 4 floors and 5.000 m2 of biological labs.

The purpose of the new facility in Belfast, is to provide an outstanding learning and researching environment for the students and teachers. The new investment will be a key factor to facilitate the learning and research in life science and agri-food sectors.

This facility has been completed in collaboration with Queen´s University Belfast, the main subcontractor OHMG and the architectural firm Scott Tallon Walker Architects.


Year: 2019

Architect: Scott Tallon Walker Architects

Client: Queen’s University

Size: 5.000 m²

Laboratory type: R&D laboratories

Laboratory system: System 11