Labflex 2023 – Wrapped

In 2023, Labflex faced a challenging year filled with global uncertainties. Despite the tough conditions in terms of safety and international cooperation. Labflex navigated the obstacles and emerged from 2023 with noteworthy success stories. Engaging in remarkable projects, we achieved completion with both excellence and satisfaction.

Initiating our sustainable journey, we are now at the forefront of a data-driven approach towards a more promising future. Continuous improvement is evident in our BIM development. Throughout the year, we established a digital showroom, expanded our BIM Library with additional families, and accomplished projects featuring remarkable BIM architecture.

Anticipating the year ahead, 2024 promises exciting projects, an upcoming ESG report highlighting our commitment to sustainability, and the launch of a new digital catalogue.

Labflex is poised to embrace these opportunities, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and innovation.

3 incredible projects of 2023


We are proud to have designed, produced, and installed laboratory furniture for the 50.000 m2 SDU SUND project.


The project includes GMO class 1, GMO class 2, isotope B, ABSL2 (Biosafety Level 2), and SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) laboratories, highlighting the diverse research conducted at SDU SUND.

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DTU 112

Labflex has designed, produced, and installed the laboratory furniture. This includes 20 fume cupboards and walk-in fume hoods.  


To support the users, the fume hoods have a ground clearance of 1.630 mm, enabling access for necessary machinery, thus being compatible with user- and research needs.  

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Køge University Hospital

Labflex played an important role in designing, producing, and installing laboratory furniture. The project includes GMO-1, GMO-2, GMP-B and BA-2.


To keep pace with the dynamic advancements in the laboratories, our solutions are meticulously designed to be modular and flexible, including both renovation and expansion possibilities. 

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Working towards a sustainable future

ESG Report

At Labflex, we have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability by actively engaging in climate reporting. 


The reports allow us to assess our impact and progress over time. The allocation of valuable ressources within this sphere is critical in our aspiration of transforming into a sustainable organization.

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We have managed to reduce the footprint per laboratory technician, source the supply of production materials locally and 85% of our waste within the production is recycled. 


We are proud of our achievements and we are continously looking to improve our efforts to reach our goals.


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Our commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted through our partnership with the Science Based Targets Initiative, where we pledge to reduce scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by an ambitious 42% by 2030.


We are also committed to a 25% reduction in scope 3 emissions by the same year, all in alignment with the Paris Agreement.

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At the forefront of BIM development

Digital Showroom

In 2023 we launched our new digital showroom, where you can experience our furniture in a digital setting. 


The showroom includes our popular furniture systems 10 / 14 / 16, a fume cupboard and wheighing column.

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BIM Library

Our BIM Library is continoulsly being updated and in 2023 we managed to include more families to design a laboratory. 


More and more architects and consultants are using our families and we look forward to share more Revit families in 2024. 

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Advanced BIM architecture

We are continously imroving our compentencies within BIM development and in 2023 we have completed rather advanced projects with amazing BIM architecture.


The projects include SDU SUND, DTU 112 and Køge University Hospital.

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Looking forward to 2024

Project pipeline

We are looking ahead towards an exciting project pipeline both national and international. We are currently working on major projects in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and UK.


We are looking forward to sharing more about our projects during 2024.

ESG report 2023

The successor to our first ESG report will be published as soon as it has been audited.


We are looking forward to work with our report and the sustainable development that follows.

Digital Catalogue

We are currently develping a comprehensive catalogue to show our assortment. You will be able to configure our products to see the standard specification.


We are looking forward to sharing more about this solution as well as publishing it.