VisionLab is a flexible laboratory furniture system system with a unique design. The characteristic load-bearing portal also serves as an electric roadway in the end panels and gas fittings in the center panel of the table.

The system ensures excellent ergonomics with height-adjustable worktops and moveable underbench cabinets. Island systems are also available with dual access top cabinets.

Product features

  • Island or wall-fitted system
  • Easy-to-clean system, without material or surface transitions
  • GMO-approved electric height-adjustable worktops
  • Underbench cabinets/drawers can be moved from side to side without the use of tools
  • Carrier portal with integrated LED
  • Service bridge with free positioning of gas, water and air ventilation taps and fittings
  • Cabinets are suspended from the portal, and can easily be removed again at high settings

Cabinets and drawers

The carcase is made in 19-mm white 100-g melamine-coated chipboard and 6-mm back panel. All carcase parts are fitted with rounded PP edging. All cabinet front edges have dust seals to prevent dust from penetrating into the cabinet. The cabinets are assembled with glue and dowels.

Standard poison and chemical cabinets are supplied with an extract spigot and with the bottom drawn for air intake.

Underbench cabinets for fume cupboards are supplied with an extract spigot in the back and with the bottom drawn for air intake.

Shelves are supplied in 19-mm 100-g melamine. The shelves have a big load-carrying capacity and may have additional support, as required. The shelves are mobile and have a surface quality which meets the requirements of DIN 68 763.

Drawers are detachable and tolerate high loads (35 kg per drawer). The drawers can be offered with a soft-close mechanism and a push-open function. Standard extension of 80%.

Underbench cabinets are available as suspended or fitted with wheels. Suspended underbench cabinets available with laminate-coated fronts in the following variants:

  • Door
  • Drawers x 2
  • Drawers x 2+1
  • Drawers x 3
  • Drawers x 4


Depending on the laboratory and working environment where the worktop will be located and the required quality, Labflex can offer worktops in different materials. 


Sink unit

The table below shows the combinations available when choosing the worktop type and sink.



Worktop material




Sink, materiale

Stainless steel, 316

Stainless steel

The splashback is made from 6 mm hardened glass and fitted on the sink unit to prevent splashes from the sink and taps.



LED printed circuit board for installation in the service bridge below the top cabinets.

  • 4000 K
  • Brightness: Minimum 1800 lm/m
    (brightness ~ 1600 lm, equivalent to a 100 W bulb)
  • Minimum RA90
  • Adjustable brightness, 100-10%.

Plug-and-Play solution: Only need to connect power. No need for external driver or damper.


Weighing column

The weighing column ensures optimal stability in order that precision measuring work can be executed in the laboratory. The weighing column is designed for precise measurements down to four decimal places, and its measuring is independent of the adjoining structure.

The weighing column’s design includes vibration damping, and it can either be freely positioned or set in a worktop with a section cut out for the weighing column/weighing stone.

The weighing column’s base plate is made from compact laminate and it is secured to the concrete floor using an expansion bolt. The weighing stone is made from granite.

The maximum load on the table is 100 kg and 17 kg on the road stone.

Point exhaust

The extraction arm is removable and designed as a self-bearing and flexible structure, which is easy to operate and clean. The arm can be adjusted with one hand, so that it extracts smoke, dust or gas as close as possible to the source of contamination.

  • The extraction arm is supplied as a front-mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted arm.
  • The standard extraction arm does not have a damper (available as an option with manual damper).
  • Extraction arm: Ø125 mm and L = 1000 mm.
  • Extraction cup: Ø280 / Ø385 mm (polycarbonate).
  • Rotatable 360 degrees (only when ceiling-mounted).



The Labflex service chase is available either as wall-mounted or for island setups:

  • Cable and pipe laying from ceiling to service bridge.
  • Cable and pipe laying from ceiling to unit.
  • Cable and pipe laying from ceiling to floor.

Standard width is 300 mm. Depth and height depents on the variant.
Front: Laminate, 18 mm with 3 mm ABS plastic edge band.
Sides: Melamine, 19 mm with 1 mm ABS plastic edge band.

The hatch at the bottom of the service chase provides access for the laying and servicing of installations.


Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and Danish Gas Technology Centre (DG) approved. Colour codes on the handle are as standard in accordance with EN 13792.

Labflex provides taps with a mixing tap or with separate hot and cold taps. 

Labflex provides as standard all purity variants and gas types.